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Thread: New map idea?

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    New map idea?

    I have a thought on a new map idea that I have not seen any other MOBA use (since last I played another one). I'm not a professional player by any means, and I get a lot of teammates that aren't... how should I put this... smart when it comes to fulfilling the map's objectives.

    In maps like Gotham Divided, I think people are tired of the whole lane concept and the work to destroy the enemy's home base for a win.
    In maps such as Gotham Heights, I think people are tied of the whole 3v2 capture point gaming, and the constant battle between constantly losing and gaining points.

    Where the "not smart" gameplay comes, I think is the fact that people like to chase and kill other champions, rather than focus on the more important aspects of the map objectives. This leaves the remaining team members to compensate for chaser, as they either turret dive and die, or they leave uncaptured points uncaptured.

    My idea for a map I guess is more a gamemmode, but can involve some map elements.
    First off, no Gotham. I'm sick of fighting in Gotham. We should do this map in Metropolis.

    The gammode should just be a team deathmatch. Most kills in an allotted time. This way, with the preset time, players can depend on finishing the game in 30 or so minutes, instead of the estimate which can vary depending on the balances of teams and how well everyone plays (this ay you don't get that awkwad moment where you don't know if you REALLY have time for another game or not).

    Granted a deathmatch type can't be dependent on its own for this type of game. It can become too boring too fast, and won't have much longevity. however, I think it would be cool to add control points. When captured by a team, all it does is allot a specific diameter to help players fight. No points taken away from opposing teams, or anything. It can help save a champion's life.
    It would probably be good for there to be jungling opportunities which grant small buffs, with the potential for a large creature for a large buff of reward.

    I think the map would do decently with a possible idea with lanes. The difference would be that the lanes would all converge on a center point for major gameplay. towers would remain in lanes, but can belong to either side. Drones could potentially be in there too, but the idea of the drones being in the middle might be really bad, especially if the number just kept growing.

    I don't know what to explain without seeming like rambling, but feel free to ask questions so I can clarify or answer anything I can in order to help you see into this possibility. I can do a lot better with explaining specific things than just rambling.
    It was a small thing I most recently thought of. I just know there is a lot of satisfaction in killing champions, so if there was a gamemode jut for that, people might find it pleasing, as well as the fact is that it could be a way for IC to stand out of the crowd a little bit,

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    Re: New map idea?

    How about the large spot and on the sides minions constantly spawn, or spawn in increasing waves, these minions are hostile to both sides, and are ignored by the towers, unless you standing under them, as time goes on the minions get a little stronger, and from time to time a boss style mob appears either 2 raiders from the sides that walk to the middle, or a large doomsday like device at the center, also these minions don't break off, don't go back to a spot they chase.

    So part of the object is to keep the minions low, so they don't over run and just kill everyone, but you still need most champ kills to win, and minions give less then normal coin, so your going to want champ kills.. here is the trick, if you attack an champ that's actively attacking or being attacked by minions they switch focus to you.

    So you need to play a who is the bigger threat game, because if for some reason everyone's dead the game ends.



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