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    Warning, heading, objective, retreat "Sign / ping" improvements

    Hi all,

    I checked but I could not find a thread about this in here. most likely I overlooked, or wrong section and if so I apologize

    The attention or "ping" system feels underwhelming to what normally is used in moba's. Im aware of 2 pings that can be made the "walking" and retreat, perhaps there are more yet due to my limited time in this moba I haven't been able to notice or recognize them.

    Now this noticing, recognizing them brings me also to a point with the biggest concern I have. The only way to notice these pings are by sound, on map or in the direct area of view. This shouldn't be such a problem for veteran moba players, but for beginning / new people this can be very hard to notice on time or let alone notice at all. I was wondering whether there could be something implanted so when a ping is given not only does it play a specific/ recognizable sound to that particular notice but also shows up (if its beyond direct view) in the corner of the screens to show the direction and type of ping. this will help people that didn't not have the time (being in a fight) to view the map, are still able to spot the warning from the direction it is located so one could respond to it (quicker).

    Also is it possible to get a quick menu like other moba's have by holding alt down + holding left mouse button to get a menu with "danger, Im moving there, retreat, objective/POI" so one could select the appropriate notice/ping in a quick manner.

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    Re: Warning, heading, objective, retreat "Sign / ping" improvements

    I think they should do a ping system like league where you can hold the G key and move the mouse to 4 options (opponent missing, danger, on my way and assist me pings) and V for retreat ping, it would make things easier to relay information to my team



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