Okay, these are some idea's i have that both address what Turbine has been after with these recent changes, and that will make the players happy at the same time.

First I want to talk about towers, They are currently wwaaaay to weak and don't seem to server much purpose other then large amounts of gold.
I don't want to claim to know how this works on a design perspective because i don't, but i think the best way to fix this problem is by giving the Turrets and execution, similar to the way aquamans ult works the turret will do much more Damage to a target the lower that targets health is. Tanks will still be able to tank them but they wont be able to do it forever, and this will still give the opportunity of tower dives without removing the turret presence completely which is what has been done.

Next was the point of the map being large and time to travel around it was intense, i think this could be fixed by removing the emp pits, and making the emp beacon a drop from raider, this will both make raider a higher priority then it already is which will force even more aggression (which is what Turbine wants) and will make the map smaller in general again increasing aggression, emp will be less used making Tower dives more sought after and with the execution, not an easy task but very do able forcing teams to think about when and how they want to dive, instead of just bum rushing towers and taking no punishment,

These are jsut a few idea ive thought of for general improvement, im sure people will disagree but i think this will make the map alot more fun to play