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    Why SO MANY AFK ????

    Is there any error happening? I have AFK literally EVERY game. On my team or on enemy team? Doesn't matter ruins the game anyway.

    Fix Error ? Fix Ban system?

    Well i'm just reporting it ^.^ way too many afks.

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    Re: Why SO MANY AFK ????

    AFks depend on your level, becaue if you are ebing matched with new people, some might have tech issues and some don't know how to properly use the movement. or they can't handle so much awesomeness.
    If you are having tech issues, want to report a bug, report a player, your code isn't working or got any comment or feedback.
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    Submit a ticket, to do all listed above and even more.

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    Re: Why SO MANY AFK ????

    There was a thread where the IC-folks said that the majority of /afk are players with technical issues where they cannot launch or play in the match. They try a few times and either get the setting correct for their system or give up.

    They said the /report function at the end of match does very well for the other /afkers.
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