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ASL + Deadshots? Intensity is crazily strong - with 1300 bonus will you're looking at starting fights with around 1800 will for procs around 90 on every auto, and single-target skill, you get 20% cdr at full stacks, Will, AD, AS, Regen, Aura from 2 items. You can have 26 bonus ad from the Deadshots mod too (actually it lies, you only get 19.5).

What do you mean by dead stats?
A dead stat is something thats not optimal or outright useless for a char.

An example is that for example if you wished to focus Will/PD/MS there are items that allow you to do so hell Pandora's + any number of items fills that role with maximum optimum stats for a glass cannon PD, However If you wished to focus AD/Will/MS as a glass cannon AD you need to pretty much need to take stats outside of what you want to get everything.