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    Post IC - Supergirl [Quality of Life + Bugs(?)]

    Just got my Supergirl to lvl 3 (123/425 XP)
    and I bringingsome feedback.

    Her kit seem strong enough but there are some 'basic' stuff I noticed that are not letting her shine.

    • Her Basic Attack -

    It seems to be buggy or the animation is too long, it's most noticeable when chasing.
    She'll start the Basic Attack animation but will stop in the middle so she can continue walking without dealing any damage = wasting time.
    Even when using Lobo's Chain, Move Speed items/amps, etc.

    That's a big thing for her since it's the core of her playstyle.
    (I checked with other melee characters and they don't have that problem.)

    • Worldbreaker (Q) -

    This one also seems to have some animation problems.
    It seems like there are miliseconds in the begginig of the animation, that Supergirl simply does nothing.

    It's most noticeable when using it to animation-cancel her basic attack, it should be a quick attack, right after the basic attack, but instead she takes her time to attack.

    ☼► MAYBE Buff her passive duration to 3 seconds, it's very easy to lose the passive and since it takes away ALL of the stacks, it ruins her gameplay.
    But maybe when her basic is fixed this isn't necessary.
    - PC -
    PSU: MAXXTRO ATX 450epn12 (450w);
    MOBO: G41M-VS3;
    OS: Windows 8.1 64bits;
    CPU: Core 2 Quad Q8400 @2.73GHz;
    RAM: Dual-Channel 4GB DDR3;
    GPU: GeForce GTX550 Ti;
    Screen: 1360x768.

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    Re: IC - Supergirl [Quality of Life + Bugs(?)]

    On the Basic Attack changes -- this seems to go away with more Attack Speed, however. She just has a really slow, default attack speed.

    The Q is affected by the slow Basic Attack speed. So is her Passive.

    Which I guess is the root of the problem. Needing a certain level of a certain stat to feel "normal" is kinda wonky. She doesn't feel fluid or natural until you have about 25% extra Attack Speed.

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    Re: IC - Supergirl [Quality of Life + Bugs(?)]

    Thanks for the feedback! I appreciate you taking the time to pass this onto us.



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