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    Atrocitus: Poor FPS with some abilities


    Recently I purchased Atrocitus. From playing him several times I've determined that his "Come at me" ability and some of his other abilities cause the games FPS to drop really low, to unplayable levels, where he basically lags/slideshows all over the place.

    The game I play on max settings and it's completely fine with other champions, no issues at all. I've also dropped all settings to lowest when I played him for one game to see, but once you start to use the "Come at me" ability, then games FPS still drops.

    Perhaps this is an issue with the actual abilities animations?

    Any help on this would be great. Thanks!

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    Re: Atrocitus: Poor FPS with some abilities

    yeah i got the same problems u got. its only when i play atrocitus. ive got a 1920x1080 resolution and max details. i got a framerate by 50-60 normaly.

    my sys : win7 64bit, amd 8core, nvidia560gtx-ti, 16gb ram

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    Re: Atrocitus: Poor FPS with some abilities

    This is something Engineering is aware of I believe. Lowering some of the more intense effects in settings can ease performance somewhat but the underlying causes are being looked into for resolving.



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