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    Re: Recommendations for improvement

    Are you going to add pages for item information at some point?

    Dawnbase is ok and all but I would really like to review what the items do in game per tier before a match
    Quote Originally Posted by Celestrata View Post
    Yes, actually! The web team is working on eventually getting that data right here to our website, under the "game" section. It would be equal to how to we do champions and stolen powers right now.
    The blue spark of hope ignites!, I truly hope this feature helps everyone feel more comfortable with the game itself, I honestly believe this was one of the biggest issues, all minor complaints aside, this one I think is very very important. I even went as far as to make an APP for android to give to my friends that has the ingame stats, though its out of date.

    It leads people to this Website directly from their phone, although I'll just state once more that its out of date:
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    Re: Recommendations for improvement

    Is there any possibility of releasing a new map in the far future, and in regards to the tutorial, I wanna highly recommend adding the 2nd one for items or something cause playing this game without any knowledge led me to build most of the recommended items when I prefer a more optimized buildset or getting a pregame item setup.
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