I noticed a strange glitch which involves a champion constantly initiating the "back" command. I first saw it on a game on Gotham Divided, in which my ally was in the top lane (I can't remember who they were playing specifically) and an enemy Batman was also in the top lane, and they were both playing a regular lane, with minimal chasing of each other, but as I was watching them for a brief second, I saw that they were constantly initiating the "back" command.
I don't mean that they were just initiating it every so often, but it repeated a lot. Maybe 3 per second. Not to mention that the command would initiate while they were moving. This continued for about 3 seconds before I had to switch back seeing my champion in mid.
I think what initially prompted me to look was when I heard the character on my team say they were going back.

I actually saw it on my character at one point during a Gotham Heights map. I may have been searching through the map, watching enemy champions near me, and then when I switched back to my character, I saw that it was doing the same thing, in which I was not initiating any kind of back command considering I was so close to the base in the first place. This one had a quicker disappearance, then when I was watching, possibly because another one of my commands cancelled this some sort of auto loop. The only thing I was doing was moving away from a control point.

Has anyone else seen this kind of issue?