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    Re: Solutions to make GD more enjoyable?

    Draft Pick would help a lot.

    People just enter and either call rolls then lock in, or instalock a champion and go wherever they want.

    Draft pick with pick order policy works really well in LoL. It would work well here, too.

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    Re: Solutions to make GD more enjoyable?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ultimate26 View Post
    Its so sad that everyone has accepted this I like using many different heroes but i only have 3 pages to make their setups for!

    I guess ill have 3 hero set ups for different roles and ill try to learn their roles
    Sad? Look, it's inevitable in any game (real or video) with differing roles. Assuming equal levels of plays, team composition matters. I slap my head every time no one goes jungle and as a general rule, we lose for lack of a jungler's flexibility. Or when someone picks a champ to go top who clearly cannot hold top or gets counter picked. The 3 lane map requires more thought and strategy, IMO, than the Dominion/Gotham Heights style maps. Which is why some people (myself included) enjoy it more.

    Some champs can play multiple roles depending on their kit, as TeaSeeOh explained. Those are good champs for people to start with. IC, from my experience (which isn't universal) is more forgiving than other MOBAs when it comes to champ flexibility.
    I just don't enjoy the wait in this game for GD.

    And you're not limited to 3 pages forever. If you play you'll eventually earn enough to get more pages. It's kinda expensive merit wise, (too much IMO) but I'm up to like 10 or so.

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    Re: Solutions to make GD more enjoyable?

    One thing I think would make a huge difference both from a playing perspective, but also from a viewer perspective is the introduction of an item in the shop that would have the same purpose as Smoke of Deceit in Dota

    Obviously, with 2 very different games currently the item doesn't have to be in any way similar in terms of lore/concept/name or properties, but I propose something that the IC team can come up with that changes games like Smoke of Deceit does for Dota

    Well firstly what is Smoke of Deceit?

    Here's a summary from Liquipidia :

    "Smoke of Deceit, also known as Smoke, is a Basic item purchasable from the Consumables section in the Main Shop. This item is especially useful for ganking a well warded lane or approaching Roshan without being seen by enemy creeps or Observer Wards. Smoke of Deceit is limited to a stock of 3 in the store, and the stock takes 12 minutes to replenish.

    The vial contains a magical smoke, when used the vial will break releasing smoke that will follow all allies and units under ally control, increasing their movement speed and making them undetectable by both observer wards and creeps, and also invisible on the mini-map. Sentry Wards and any other True Sight effects will not reveal smoked units. If a hero hidden by smoke attacks or comes too close to an enemy hero or tower, the effect will end. Smoked heroes can use spells and items without getting revealed, but enemies can still see the visual effects of the abilities. "

    Here are the in-game details :

    "Upon activation, the user and all nearby allies and player-controlled units gain smoked invisibility and bonus movement speed for a brief time. Mini-map icons will also be hidden. Upon moving within 1025 range of an enemy hero or tower, the invisibility is lost.

    Bonus Movement Speed: 15%
    Radius: 1200
    Duration: 35 "

    How do you best use such an item?

    In Dota teams will group up their support players together, smoke them and wrap them around behind an enemy in lane and with proper execution can usually make kills happen. With the current way teams set up their lanes in Gotham Divided, I dont think this part will apply.

    A bit later into the game smokes will start to be used to do things like going into the Roshan pit, past enemy warding which you assume your opponent will have set up. If you simply drop a sentry/green arrow cam and kill an enemy camera/ward it draws attention to the fact you are there and that you have the option of starting Roshan/Raider/Leviathan. Sneaking past when the enemy thinks they have it covered means you can sneak the objective with some clever movement. Currently you can put cams inside where Raider and Leviathan are and can teleport onto them. In Dota you cannot put your observer and sentry wards inside the Roshan pit. So for this smoke->roshan or smoke->raider/levi strat to work it would require changing it so you cannot cam inside their dwelling. Just outside to watch people going in, unless they use up the limited resource of "smoke".

    Something you can also do is smoke up a couple of your team and sit them behind a player the enemy are likely to be trying to pick off. This can allow you to turn the engagement around and potentially get more kills than the enemy, as they were only anticipating 1 opponent.

    The main reason I think a similar item to "smoke of deceit" would be a fantastic addition is when you are behind to the enemy team. They are several items ahead, they have raider cams, you can't really farm a lane without the high chance you're going to get picked off. So what do you do to change the inevitable outcome of the game?

    You use a limited use item like smoke to get a positional advantage in a teamfight. You smoke and wrap around from a different angle than head on and if executed correctly the surprise factor on top of outplaying the enemy team can result in a won battle. It might not win you the game, but it gives you a fighting chance instead of relying on misplays from your opponents

    Despite this potential for the losing team to go for smokes if they haven't exhausted the resource (remember, 12 minute cooldown to replenish) the winning team will also have smoke available. Its just that usually the winning team is out on the map just outside your base, or happily farming a lane in the middle of the map whereas the losing team is generally restricted to either being in their base or farming under their tower so usually it ends up being more of a tool for the losing team just due to them having to play so far back.

    I stress again that I'm sure that there's a nice idea out there that the IC team can come up with that isn't an exact copy of smoke. But I think the idea of a consumable that you can buy that helps get you out on the map and get a positioning advantage for objectives and final confrontations would be really good both in terms of playing a match and in terms of watching the match. And because it has a timed cooldown (which could always be made longer for IC's version) the winning team can't throw lots of money into buying lots more of the itemand therefore being the ones using the advantage. So I think it has more anti-snowball applications than snowball applications

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    Re: Solutions to make GD more enjoyable?

    Fixing the que would be enjoyable. By this I mean that if I'm solo queing, I shouldn't be playing against a full team of 5 with other solo quers. It's a complete one-sided game and most of the time, my entire team just gives up and sit at spawn.

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    Re: Solutions to make GD more enjoyable?

    Quote Originally Posted by TeaSeeOh View Post
    Lane positioning and lane composition is always going to be similar, especially in these tri-lane, jungle objective maps. However, the idea that you need to play a specific hero for specific roles is not so set in stone.

    I've played Superman supporting a Marksman bot and Supergirl mid before. I've played Gyrocopter in amateur DOTA2 tournaments before he was hot **** during the meta before, and got slammed for using him during streams. Hell, I used to run support Shaco in Season 2 of LoL because of how strong his bush control was, I even got to Gold doing it. However, what matters is if you can make that character in that role work, not if he's blanket labeled for that role thus forcing you to pick said champion.
    I agree with you 100%. Almost any champion can play any role, but the way you play that role changes depending on the champion. For example, I've seen Joker played as an Ability Carry (naturally), an Attack Carry (stuns, slows, and gap closing/gettaway), and tank (Tank Will items/lifesteal/lots of cc). It's all how you make your role fit your champion.



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