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    I think i speak for everyone in regions like Australia...Ahem...WE NEED AN OCE SERVER

    So although this game has been copping quite the flame from fans and beta investors, i myself have yet to play a decent game to even tell if i would stick to this as well as other MOBAS. Because my ping as well as many of my friends pings just sit on 200-300 and as childish as it sounds you can't play on such a ping. It is such a shame i'm sure if an oce server existed a good number of people would be an board, and yes i know for 2 months the game will be getting little to no updates but this is one thing that neeeeeds to happen soon. Else i as well as many will just walk away for better titles that actually have Oceanic servers.

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    Re: I think i speak for everyone in regions like Australia...Ahem...WE NEED AN OCE SE

    Dude I couldn't agree more weird you mention 200-300Ping as that's what I sit on :/ I had my first game today and was very let down with the high ping I had. I managed to sweep up atleast 4 kills but a moba with 300ping is unacceptable! Mobas need to be fast pace and smooth to land those pesky trick shots!
    If Infinite Crisis wants a bigger fan base they will surely need to add an OCE server in no doubt about that. It's unplayable at the moment for people in Australia and to clear things up its NOT my PC or my INTERNET as all of my friends and family are experiencing the same thing and their pc's far exceed mine. Not to mention how harsh this game is on PC's, super low graphics and I run it at 40FPS, I can play with 30 but no less than that, any chance that this will be cleaned up in finished version? maybe no add so much fire to maps xD

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    Re: I think i speak for everyone in regions like Australia...Ahem...WE NEED AN OCE SE

    There are already a lot of threads around the topic, and this is the response:
    Quote Originally Posted by Celestrata View Post
    As others have said, we totally want to add a [Region] server. In fact, we just want to add more regional servers in general, so more people can play. However, we don't have any time tables on new servers at the moment, but they will come in the future.
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