My ultimate question is this: What is the ultimate goal that this company has for Infinite Crisis as an esport? Because right now, compared to most of the other esports, this company is not paying attention to what other companies have done to make their game a successful esport and it's a real shame because Infinite Crisis has so much potential to become a superb esport.

If they want viewers to watch their game as a sport... they must change what they are doing after this season and be transparent about it.

What brings viewers and fans is competition, leagues, stats, numbers, records, professionalism, and TEAMS. What they have right now does none of that except a minor bit of competition but honestly there is no real incentive for new teams to come into the game on a real professional level. There is no sense of professionalism with this game as far as their sports is concerned. I hope this changes.

What brings Teams to a game/sport is knowing that this is a sport, where the teams will be playing on a regularly scheduled basis over the course of two to three months, with the same overall roster, with official leagues where records are kept so at the end of the regular scheduled season/split there is a real playoff series that really determines a team that can honestly be called a Champion. This brings competition with the teams and when these teams win in a real League, and can claim to be Champions of that League... now that's a real sport. That's professionalism. That's stability.

Fans want to watch a series of matches between teams, to see teams have winning streaks and losing streaks and to come back from a 1-6 start to win 10 straight games to only miss the playoffs by one game. Fans want drama. Right now there is zero sense of drama.

We all want this game to rise and become great.