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    Re: Live Dev Q&A Chat: Champion Design and Balance on July 23rd

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    Q: A lot of times when nerfing weve seen extensive changes to characters, nerfing all parts of their kit, defenses, damage and their utility, and a few times this has completely ruined champions, resulting in them needing to be buffed back to usefulness the next patch. This happened to nightmare batman recently, but also prime batman before christmas, and from the potential patch notes in the forums i worry it may be happening to gaslight catwoman and nightmare superman (every single part of his W skill is being nerfed) in the next patch.
    My question is is this a deliberate approach, so that you can see the affect that this has on the champion in live and then the real balance patch comes second?
    This was addressed in the most recent twitchstream with Annuvin(It's available to re-watch on their stream, I didn't see it live myself). They basically said that that is how most games work with balance; overcompensating and THEN attempting balance, however IC wants to be different and do the research and get the QA from both the QATeam and players and get the fix right the first time.

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    Re: Live Dev Q&A Chat: Champion Design and Balance on July 23rd

    Question: Does the attempt to make every character unique make it hard to come up with completely unique power sets or do you have a backlog of unique powers we haven't seen yet that will open up new strategies going forward? If so, what sort of completely different character type or play style or role can we look forward to?

    And do you look at the character pool as a whole and try to come up with unique powers that haven't been seen in the game yet, or do you develop the lore of the character and then try to make their ability set unique after the fact?

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    Re: Live Dev Q&A Chat: Champion Design and Balance on July 23rd

    Question: Given recent and future balancing do you plan to address the lack of balance between artifact types. By this i refer to situations like where you have made gascat more skill focused but unlike PD Or Tank types AD skill based chars lack will regen items on par with PD counterparts that benefit them.



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