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Thread: Turrets damage

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    Turrets damage

    First of all I don't know if there's any post like this in any section, in that case it can be removed.
    I think that turrets have to do more damage, I see in many matchs some players pass through the turret with mid-low hp gets the kill and keeps alive with no much armor or hp.
    Other way can be increase fire rate or something like that.

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    Re: Turrets damage

    There are so many threads about this, how could you have not found one to post in? Regardless, you are not alone in your thinking brother. I'd say 8/10 people agree that the turrets need more damage or firing rate. I myself used to play GD constantly and it was mostly the only mode i played. However, i find the game mode not fun anymore mostly because of the turret damage change and have been playing GH now. The turrets just allow people to snowball way to much to the point you can't recover. They have done the reverse in trying to prevent snow balling, honestly I am surprised they initiated such a poorly thought out change.

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    Re: Turrets damage

    yes if this moba should getting big it needs some changes like the new towers to old and other things. its really boring in moment u need no skill creeps make to low damage and towers dont protect people like old towers open beta



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