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    skin recomondations

    I would like to c the creative ideias for skins plz
    mine r:

    Bizzaro for superman pime

    parallax for green lantern prime

    devil atrotious

    sinestro green lantern

    doomsday superman

    heath ledger joker lol

    batman beyond

    shazam the wizard

    king trydent aquaman (form disney lol)

    legolas green arrow

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    Re: skin recomondations

    Nice stuff up there, only pointing that Bizarro cannot be a costume for Prime Superman, due to Brizarro being a character himself, might appear as his own champion.
    (Atrocitus is already the devil (His Diablo Rojo says it all))
    and i think the Batman of Batman Beyond is another guy, not Bruce Wayne
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    Re: skin recomondations

    **** good point I want a champ bizarreo

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    Re: skin recomondations

    Ninja NM bats

    Cowboy GL bats

    Caveman Batman(it was in the "Return of Bruce Wayne" he wears a big bat skin, looks sick)

    Lots of Bats love here



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