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    Why the requests for Batman buff?

    Hi, I've been playing since closed beta and while I felt that Prime Batman was a bit lackluster when he was first released, now he is pretty much my main in the jungle and I win most games with him. So I have to ask, why are there so many requests for him to be buffed? No offence meant to anyone, just I don't feel the same way so I am curious.

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    Re: Why the requests for Batman buff?

    hes only good at low skill levels, he is out classed by all the other bruisers, why do you think he never gets picked competitively

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    Re: Why the requests for Batman buff?

    I believe his E doesn't do enough damage to even put points into early or mid game.

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    Re: Why the requests for Batman buff?

    Both of those are good points. Thanks!

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    Re: Why the requests for Batman buff?

    But we have to agree that the bats that surrounds the enemy once you use the E are awesome.
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