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    Re: Those Champ Prices

    Update to this thread. Champion pricing has been restructured for new champion releases. Please see the following link for further details.

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    Re: Those Champ Prices

    So play 84 games and you can get a champ>? lmao SO high for normal never mind a beta mang.

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    Re: Those Champ Prices

    only if you lose every match.

    play at least 40 games over a 2 week period, making sure to play at least 1 game a day and you will have enough to buy a champion.

    and that is if you don't manage to complete any achievements, what with their free merit/CC reward.

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    Re: Those Champ Prices

    I wish that was true man. I played 40 won 20 of them and I still cant afford batman.



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