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    Atomic Poison Ivy delay issue

    Everytime i play API i always get really bad delay when i need to use her ulti some times it won't even go at all and it really makes or breaks a fight it's been an issue ever since i started playing her weeks after she came out

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    Re: Atomic Poison Ivy delay issue

    Hey, I see you have a twitch channel - do you happen to have video of this occurring? It would be helpful in helping us troubleshoot the issue.

    If possible, it would also be helpful if you could submit a bug report (link in my signature), and upload your UserPreferences.ini file along with your DxDiag.
    UserPreferences.ini is located in your Infinite Crisis folder in your documents. C:\Users\[your username]\Documents\InfiniteCrisis
    Instructions on how to get your DxDiag can be found here:

    Thank you for your report!
    If you experience a bug, please consider submitting a support ticket! IC QA reviews player submitted bugs daily.

    If you need to post a DxDiag, please follow the instructions here:

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    Re: Atomic Poison Ivy delay issue

    Yeah ill try and make a highlight or pinpoint where in the video it happens making highlights is a pita right now and i will do all that when im done streaming between 2:49:00 and 2:51:00 and basicly in every game with her afterwards and i don't know how to do the whole log file thing i can't get it working right
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