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    Game is stuck after logging in.

    My game is just stuck on the loading screen waiting to connect to the servers and everything else.

    I load up the game, type in my information, and press log in. I then get to the picture above and it just stays there loading forever...

    I've tried opening the game in compatibility mode (xp serivice pack 3), turning off my anti virus, turning off my firewall, adding it to my allowed list of my anti virus, repairing the game multiple times, and running the game as administrator. All to no avail...

    I actually really want to play this game but its such a shame I can't even get into the lobby :l

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    Re: Game is stuck after logging in.

    If it keeps up after a computer restart and power cycle on the router and/or modem (unplug them, wait a few seconds, plug them back in) I'd recommend a tech support request via the support page as well.



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