I've been playing for a little while (maybe a month or two now? idk) I'm level 12 and I main Blue Beetle as an ADC in bot lane. Here are my thoughts about IC so far..

I'm going to list two things I can't stand about IC but realize I do like the game. I'm not hating or anything. Understand I think IC is really fun to play. Getting to play as my favorite super hero (Blue Beetle) in a moba is really cool, especially since I was already into mobas before.

but.... there are some issues that make all of my other friends not want to play, and these things are starting to get to me too.

1. The game feels really awkward to play. In Dota 2 and LoL there is a fluidity to the game that makes them have their own feel. IC... doesn't really have a feel at all. It's just a really forced feeling of play. I think a lot of that has to do with the UI and the fact that the background stands out way too much to where I can hardly tell a robotic champion from the ground.

2. There are no goals in IC. It's really odd to me that a game that's trying to come off as a competitive MOBA doesn't have any set goals as far as level or rank in IC. There is no ranked mode with a ranked system that tells me where I am compared to others on the ladder. I realize this is because we're in beta, but why is there no set level cap or level goal? I know some people play IC just to play; I do, too. I have no real goal or incentive to play other than to play. I can't grind for max level or anything. I feel like such a competitive game would, in theory, have set goals for players to get as far as level and rank.

On top of these things making me not want to play more and more, I can't get friends to keep playing after a few games because of how awkward it feels.

Hopefully someone can see this and use to to make IC really awesome.