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    Re: Scheduled Maintenance: Wednesday, July 30th

    Merge or no merge the que times are the same for me :/

    I havent played IC for some time now cause I dont have the free time I used to and waiting 8+ mins in que is something I cannot afford anymore. After I read about the merge my hopes got up, today I tried to find a game, after waiting 6 mins on Gh and another 6 on GD I gave up and played a game of LOL. I prefer IC to LOL imo but I dont have much time but the que times are a pain in the *** for me :/

    If the miracle happens and I get a game in GH it is usually with premades and my game of the day becomes a "let them end" kinda thing, not because my team is bad but because solo quers most of the time lack coordination which is totaly logical! And when we start communicating and try to coordinate the snowballing on this game especially premades is something u cannot overcome.

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    Re: Scheduled Maintenance: Wednesday, July 30th

    After my "rage" yesterday (and because i can't stay away from IC for too long) i decided to give the it another try today...i'm even madder...Russian players just have no regard for team communication and they show + effort in insulting in English then anything else.
    Thisforces me to not log in with same frequency as i usually do(and from now on i will only go as a premade with friends, which sucks because i actually like solo qeue)...I won't stop playing IC but this "server fusion" definitively is not working for me...

    I have no idea if Turbine is aware of this(maybe i'm alone in this struggle...xD)but please change the servers back...



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