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    Re: Post Maintenance Bug

    So as to the achievement bug, we're working on a solution and hope to have a fix in, but it won't be in time for the August update. It probably will be after that (September.)

    As to the network error 2, make sure you visit and click on "Ask for help." That will allow you to talk to our Customer Service team and get that issue resolved.
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    Re: Post Maintenance Bug

    Quote Originally Posted by Unilord View Post
    Tried to open the game as administrator?
    yea ive done it all

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    Re: Post Maintenance Bug

    Also, just to confirm, all achievement progress is being tracked correctly. It looks like this is just an odd display issue in how the client is showing it.

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    Re: Post Maintenance Bug

    Another Bug: Sometimes at the endgame screen, basically nothing shows up, the timer shows Match Duration: 0:00 and (i think) no merit is granted for the game. Protector Level also shows up as 0.

    (Bug?!) Not sure what this is, but some people on EU/RU randomly got Crisis Coins and/or Merit. Now, there are a couple of things we thought that could've happened: 1) Champion prices were reduced -> Difference was paid back (unlikely reason, because it's just a few people) 2) If a person owned a Champion on both EU and RU, spent Merit or CC was refunded towards the EU server
    About Reason 2: If this is the case, there is a biiiiiiiiiig issue with it. I'll use an example to more easily explain the problem and how it affects basically everyone who owns a Founderspack on EU server.

    (this is what happened pre-maintenance)
    Person A has a Founderspack, buys Champions or other stuff with it on the European Server. This Person now logs onto Russian Server to gain the Founderpack rewards (note: does not even have to play any game to do so)
    Person B has a Founderspack, buys Champions or other stuff with it on the European Server. This Person, however, does not login onto the Russian Server because there's no point, and therefore does not get the rewards on the Russian Server.

    (this is what happened after the maintenance)
    The European and Russian Server were merged together, people who had any Merit/CC on Russian Server (or spent them?) will get those granted to their now European/Russian Account. Person A therefore get's the Founderspack Rewards a second time. Person B is unfortunate to not have spent one minute to type their login data on the Russian Account. Person B got rekt. (Person B is me.)

    Edit: I forgot to mention something. Of course all the Merit that were EARNED on the Russian server by actually playing the game and the Crisis Coins earned by separately buying them on the Russian server, SHOULD be granted onto the European server. However, a Founderspack's rewards should only be granted once.



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