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    Bug Game, XP, and locked champ how ever i'd unlock it

    Bonjour, cela fait la 4 éme fois en deux jour que cela m'arrive en plus j'ai perdu 325 Crisis points car le Mecha Superman que j'avais acheter avant hier était locker quand je me suis connecter sur le jeu alors que mes crisis points ou bien était créditer ! J’espère avoir une réponse de votre part car vous ne répondez, apparemment, jamais sur les publication critiques du jeu ! Merci d'avance pour votre compréhension =)

    Hello , it arrived to me 4 times in Two day and I'd lost 325 Crisis point because i'd bought Mecha Superman and he is locked how ever i'd unlock it, but for sure my crisis point was credited from my account ! So I hope to have a answer from you because, as I can see, You don't answer to the negative post about the game ! Thanx in advance for your understanding

    To see my problem look this post on Facebook ->

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    Re: Bug Game, XP, and locked champ how ever i'd unlock it

    de même, près de 4h de jeu pour 4 partie pourquoi ben pour rien car même avec la victoire, je n'ai pas eu de mérite, pas d'expérience, et j'ai même perdu un champion acheter qui est Superman bien-sur pas était remboursé j'éxige des explication

    Similarly, nearly 4 hours of game 4 part why bin for nothing because even with the win, I did not have merit, no experience, and I even lost a champion who buy Superman is well on I was not repaid requires explanation

    A picture to see my problem ->

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    Re: Bug Game, XP, and locked champ how ever i'd unlock it

    As u can see at the and of each game i don't win xP and i'm LvL 0, so i have to restart the game to return to my normal Level , and i also don't have my crisis point yet

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    Re: Bug Game, XP, and locked champ how ever i'd unlock it

    This issues was apparently fixed, try other matches to see if thiskeeps happening, if it does, please report it here again.
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