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    Re: Results screen bug [Very irritating]

    Ok scratch that, it wasn't. I just got the pop up, and on the next log in it was gone.

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    Re: Results screen bug [Very irritating]

    Добрый день!
    Результаты игры, после проведённого боя у меня не высвечиваются. Устраните баг. Не возможно играть.

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    Re: Results screen bug [Very irritating]

    Same story here. No merit for playing the game since 2 days:/ sad as hell.
    No merit -> no new champs-> no need for skins -> no need to buy CC.
    no champion exp/no protector exp - no stolen powers/ mods amplifiers

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    Re: Results screen bug [Very irritating]

    This should be fixed for all future matches, please let us know if you continue to experience issues!
    If you experience a bug, please consider submitting a support ticket! IC QA reviews player submitted bugs daily.

    If you need to post a DxDiag, please follow the instructions here:



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