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    Lighting Feedback

    Hey all, so I'm prtty sur this will end up being a one-post thread, but I'd like to comment on something interesting I found.

    Until yesterday, I hadn't really changed my graphics setting as it was on the "auto-choose" function based on the ability of my computer card and whatnot.

    Seeing that, I don't expect to have the highest graphic options (Ultra High).

    Yesterday, my packet loss was so great at one point (happened right after my fight with Team Ice) that I tried changing my graphics to see if the less graphics were going to help me with this issue (didn't. Don't know if it would actually effect it in the long run anyway)

    However, after the issue (which may have actually been the server because I was not the only person experiencing an issue around this time) I attempted to set my settings to a higher mode. I checked out the highest setting just because. I know I didn't have the lowest on originally because I saw the beginning cinematic and the explosions and whatnot.

    My feedback is here. This was the first time I saw things like streetlights, auras, and other things. Understanding that the higher graphics means better detail and such, I guess that can be expected, however, the brightness of my entire screen was completely different.

    When I played a Gotham Divided Map, the difference was literally Night and Day difference. With my lower settings, it looks like the map is being played in the dead of night, however when my setting are higher, it looks as if it's daytime, or closer to dawn/dusk.
    Gotham Heights wasn't too too different, but there was a similar kind of feel to the change.

    With that being said, it seems to be that the players on the lower setting might have a harder time seeing the map and the game, then those with higher settings, which could unintentionally give the higher graphic setting users a slight advantage, as they have a better view of the map.

    My feedback is kind of just to ask if something can be done so that players are seeing- within reason- the same kind of brightness detail. I was completely taken aback upon just checking out the higher settings. I feel like there shouldn't be as big a difference like the one I am commenting on.

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    Re: Lighting Feedback

    I believe Annuvin had said that the patches upcoming are going to help improve the game most for those running the game currently on lower spec levels.



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