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    Re: Gotham Heights Ranked Weekend Experience

    I wish that I would have gotten a chance to give Ranked GH a run. I was home all weekend but in the process of changing ISP's. I didn't get reconnected as quickly as I thought that I would. Damn.
    Almost 12,000 Crisis Coins gone to waste...I am a sad panda.

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    Re: Gotham Heights Ranked Weekend Experience

    My laptop got damaged on the first day of the ranked gh so that was my experience and i dont think it will get fixed on time for the september update still had a lot of fun on the day so id really like something like that again

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    Re: Gotham Heights Ranked Weekend Experience

    Quote Originally Posted by RealName View Post
    Welcome to the club, that's called ¨solo que¨
    I was thinking that exact same thing, to me that was the big positive aspect of ranked GH.

    Knowing that i can queue up without the risk of being stuck with a super low elo 4 man premade vs a high elo 4-5 stack because one or both of them had been waiting for XX minutes in queue made it that much more enjoyable, i still got tired of it in favor of GH after the first day but it DID make it a lot more pleasant.

    (It also makes the matchmaking rating that much more significant because it depends on your own ability to improve your team's chances of winning rather than depending on your ability to find 4 people who care about GH enough to develop tactics specific to it)

    The disallowing of even duos seemed a very smart move to me, if only because MOBAs are notoriously bad at translating grouping into an ELO difference, assuming superior coordination creates scenarios where your game is ruined by 2 people queueing up together without any kind of synergy or coordination because the game NEEDS to assume that you have it
    (Otherwise duoed player who are adept at working together will run roughshod over a team lacking a duo)
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    Re: Gotham Heights Ranked Weekend Experience

    Worst thing they could possibly do, is put everyone "AUTOMATICALLY" to ranked.. My experience was so much raging that i might see white hairs appearing in the mirror.. Yes, it could have been nice if i was on the other side of the teams, but my opinion wouldn't change.. My matchmaking went mostly with level 10s(i know, since i asked at begging of the matches) , afks, and people im not going to name, saying : "Jungle" and "First time sinestro, any thoughts?".. With Cyborgs going top, leaving bruisers bot while we are without a tank saying "Don't worry bro, i got this" -_-.. Overall Horrible , 10 out of 11 games losses the final day.. So thats why everyone remembered me as a rager, shouting at everyone..

    Oh, and yea.. the music played twice at the same time..

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    Re: Gotham Heights Ranked Weekend Experience

    Quote Originally Posted by KoH_Genericke View Post
    I found my losses to be absolutely infuriating. There were some people that genuinely surprised me as to how they're able to function at any level in real life. Like, if they're able to clothe themselves I'd be impressed. Along with a lot of others, I felt like my losses were completely out of my control. I couldn't have done anything, I just got exceptionally terrible teammates.
    And yeah, like RealName said.. Welcome to the club called solo que



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