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    Bumping a thread

    Considering there's no real guidelines on when a bump is a bump. Yeah, it' an old thread no one has posted in for a while, but I would like to have a time for that.
    2 weeks? A month? Or what? And then also knowing what page it's on in relation to the total amounts of pages. I wanted to post on a thread, but it was 2 weeks old, but it was only on page 3 of 30. So I didn't know. Crazyness...

    So I'm not sure how far back I'm allowed to go before I get warned for "bumping" a thread.

    Whenever I see rules for "no bumping" or whatever, there are no specifics.

    Are there unwritten rules for this that I just don't know. It's partially the reason I stagger in and out of forums occasionally.

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    Re: Bumping a thread

    Basically if you are not adding anything to the thread in terms of feedback or your response. Many people will even go so far as to say " Bumping this thread to get an answer".

    The amount of time the thread has been around really doesn't matter.
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    Re: Bumping a thread

    I guess that's not what I'm considering a bump.

    I'd refer to bumps in the rules a "shameless" bump which does what it does.

    I have gotten **** from moderators when I reply to an "older" thread, however, similar circumstances I have placed above were in effect, and their responses include them closing the thread because I "bumped" it.



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