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    Pick 1, only 1, hero or villain you want to see

    I think I need to emphasize the or in the title. I'm looking for 1 pick, NOT 1 from each category of heroes and villains.

    If you put more than 1 I will only add the first one in your post, I am going to update this with who picks what they want to most see. Think of it as a poll with limitless options. No need to specify universe. I will keep this up to date. I put my vote in for Harley Quinn.
    I will also be putting them in order from most to least votes. I will check every few days until beta launches, maybe longer.

    I will also be checking again in about 2 hours too see what we have and get the list started.

    I know this has been done before, but the guy quit after 2 days, and allowed more than one pick. I want the MOST desired hero/villain. Please post.

    EDIT: Since I stated universes are irrelivent I only expect to see and will only count heroes/villains not already in the game, Superman and Cyborg have already been announced, so please do not choose those either. Thank you. You may however state that you would have picked them if you wish. In fact I will make a would have picked list if it becomes frequent. I also Welcome Turbine admins too vote too , preferably not the ones on the character design team, sorry keth :P I will be putting it in alphabetical order for ties, so that there is no bias as to who is listed ahead of anyone else.

    It has been brought to my attention that I have been allowing watchmen characters, which aren't part of the everflowing standard DC universe. I am going to give you the same response I gave to this person. I have read into the storyline behind infinite crisis. It is the concept of multiple parallel universes colliding, there is no reason that a drastically different earth in which the watchmen exist could not end up appearing in this clash of universes. Please note, that DC has all the rights to the watchmen, and the right to add to the story at any time. I, however, do agree that this is highly unlikely, but I am not going to deny fans the right to show their love in a poll like this.

    Updated to include up to post 288 so far.

    Harley Quinn - 16
    Nightwing/Robin - 12
    Green Arrow - 11
    Solomon Grundy - 8
    Black Adam - 7
    Raven - 7
    Red Hood - 7
    Deathstroke/Slade - 6
    Doctor Fate - 6
    Lobo - 6
    Martian Manhunter - 6
    Mr. Freeze - 6
    Bane - 5
    Beastboy - 5
    Scarecrow - 5
    Static - 5
    Superboy-prime(because he IS significantly different) - 5
    Ted Kord, The Blue Beetle - 5
    Aquaman - 4
    Batwoman/Batgirl - 4
    Darkseid - 4
    Rorschach - 4
    Sinestro - 4
    Lex Luthor/Alexander Luthor - 3
    Owlman - 3
    Swamp Thing - 3
    The Penguin - 3
    The Question - 3
    V - 3
    Alfred - 2
    Booster Gold - 2
    Doctor Manhattan - 2
    Hawkman - 2
    Huntress - 2
    John Constantine - 2
    Resurrection Man - 2
    Starfire - 2
    Superboy - 2
    The Creeper - 2
    Access - 1
    Alexander Luthor, Jr - 1
    Ambush Bug - 1
    Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld - 1
    Animal Man - 1
    Ares - 1
    Atrocitus, The Red Lantern - 1
    Azrael - 1
    Bunker - 1
    Captain Atom - 1
    Captain Cold - 1
    Doctor Light - 1
    Dogwelder - 1
    Dove - 1
    Dream - 1
    Etrigan - 1
    Eradicator - 1
    Ganthet - 1
    Hawkgirl - 1
    Judge Dredd
    Killer Croc - 1
    Killer Moth - 1
    Kilowog - 1
    Larfleeze - 1
    Matter-Eater Lad - 1
    Mirror Master - 1
    Mogo, The Sentient Planet - 1
    Monarch - 1
    OMAC - 1
    Plastic Man - 1
    Power Girl - 1
    Red Tornado - 1
    Saint Walker - 1
    Sandman - 1
    Samurai - 1
    Spider Jerusalem - 1
    Supergirl - 1
    Terra/Tara Markov - 1
    The Black Mask - 1
    Trigon - 1
    Two-Face - 1
    Wildfire - 1
    Will Magnus - 1

    Would Have Picked:
    Superman - 7
    Cyborg - 2
    Green Lantern - 3
    Joker - 2
    Poison Ivy - 1
    Batman - 1
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    Re: Pick 1, only 1, hero or villain you want to see

    Ironically, my pick in past threads has been Harley Quinn and still is. So Harley it is! ^_~

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    Re: Pick 1, only 1, hero or villain you want to see

    Alexander Luthor, Jr. is born on Earth-Three, the son of that world's Lex Luthor (known as Alexander Luthor) and Lois Lane-Luthor.

    Genius-level intellect
    Ability to manipulate matter and anti-matter
    Ability to fire offensive energy bursts
    Ability to form and control dimensional portals
    Hope is an aspiration. A beacon tha shines brighter than any star, lighting the way for all mankind. Hope is the refusal of the inevitable, a hand lifted to te clouds. Hope is what makes us human. For when reality threated to destroy us, we reach inward... and we create hope. It's the greatest gift we can give each other." - Lex Luthor

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    Re: Pick 1, only 1, hero or villain you want to see

    Well, my favorite is already in (Joker).
    So I gotta pick one? Alright...

    I'll have to say...
    Solomon Grundy.
    I love everything about him, he could be a tanky brusier or something beefy. I can't wait to see what they'd do with him.
    And not only that, because of his background, they could do all sorts of things for him in the alternate universes!
    I'd personally love to see a Nuclear Grundy.
    Can you imagine a hulking radioactive zombie Grundy? That'd be terrifying.

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    Re: Pick 1, only 1, hero or villain you want to see

    Still The Creeper
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    Re: Pick 1, only 1, hero or villain you want to see

    Hard to pick only 1 character. I'll have to pick Swamp Thing, I'v been really enjoying his new 52 comics.

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    Re: Pick 1, only 1, hero or villain you want to see

    The Penguin!
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    Re: Pick 1, only 1, hero or villain you want to see

    Kilowog would be awesome.
    "Something meaningful and inspirational." -Some Philosopher

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    Re: Pick 1, only 1, hero or villain you want to see

    V from V for vendetta

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    Re: Pick 1, only 1, hero or villain you want to see

    Red Hood \o/! Definately and only him!



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