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    Unhappy Game Flickering & Flashing

    Hey! I have an issue where my game is flickering during the match. It was actually unbearable. So I went through and checked all my drivers, to make sure they were up to date. Turns out they are (as I suspected, since I recently did a re-install of my OS). Finally my friend who is also in the beta, Redmage, suggested I change the game down from DirectX11 to DirectX10 (Even though my DirectX is up to date). Believe it or not, this stopped the flickering in game. However I am still having another issue. I can only play in Window mode, I can't play in full screen. Anytime I try to play in full screen mode the game is flashing.. not flickering, but flashing and I can't do anything on it because of it, until I change it back to window mode.

    If you guys have any ideas on how to fix this, please let me know. I am glad I at least have the flickering fixed, but playing in window mode is a little annoying. If you need my computer specs, please let me know! Thanks!

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    Re: Game Flickering & Flashing

    I am getting tons of flickering and artifacts in the battle arenas. Drivers, DirectX 11, game all up to date. No slowdown, no freezing, no other problems. Switching all video settings to low did not help. No problems encountered in other games.

    Tried switching to DX10, didn't help.

    PC stats;
    Intel i7 Quad @ 3.4GHZ, 16GB RAM, Radeon HD 9750 graphics

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    Re: Game Flickering & Flashing

    Hmm..Have you tried lowering it to DX9? My friend has it on DX9 and says it runs super smooth.

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    Re: Game Flickering & Flashing

    same problem here

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    Re: Game Flickering & Flashing

    same problem

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    Re: Game Flickering & Flashing

    Same problem, graphics ATI 5750, changing versions of DirectX didnt help.

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    Re: Game Flickering & Flashing

    Quote Originally Posted by B3AR View Post

    PC stats;
    Intel i7 Quad @ 3.4GHZ, 16GB RAM, Radeon HD 7950 graphics
    Same build, same problem.

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    Re: Game Flickering & Flashing

    I'm having the same problem just on the log in screen, rendering me unable to play.
    Hi I'm

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    Re: Game Flickering & Flashing

    Intel i5-3570k, hd 7870.
    Same problem

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    Re: Game Flickering & Flashing

    Same problem here.



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