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    Game constantly crashing

    Each time I enter the game it crashes after about a minute or so, in the shop and stuff it is fine, but as soon as I enter a match it just closes the game.

    I can't seem to figure out what the problem is myself, I need help to fix it.

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    Re: Game constantly crashing

    I have the same problem. 3 seconds into a match, the game just close out. Then I try to get back in, same thing happens. The game closes when I am in a match.

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    Re: Game constantly crashing

    Same problem here , ingame i play for about 2mins then game closes and i'm left sitting on desktop again :/

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    Re: Game constantly crashing

    Bump we need help!

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    Re: Game constantly crashing

    I had the same problem for a while too.

    For me it fixed itself after I bought a new power supply for my comp and set a lot of the graphics down to low.

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    Re: Game constantly crashing

    Scratch what I said before. What REALLY fixed it was opening up my comp and blowing all the dust away from my gpu's exhaust fan. It was pretty clogged up and I'm guessing it caused a lot of overheating which is why the screen kept on going black and my gpu would stop responding.

    If anybody else is still having this black screen issue then I'd encourage you to do the same. It completely fixed the problem.

    And of course getting a new power supply and a new solid state drive didn't hurt either, but even after both of those it still persisted until I blew out the dust.

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    Re: Game constantly crashing

    not getting a blackscreen,the game isnt freezing
    the game is crashing! has nothing to do with my power supply etc
    2 games played,2 times it crashed after a couple min



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