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    Re: Introducing Amplifier Sets

    I wanna say THANK YOU GiantKiller for your insight as i'm tired of people spamming its a bad idea and those people who swear up and down ALWAYS say its the voice of many (sorry stez but you don't speak for me nor anyone else).

    I like the idea, Giant gave a good summary what to look forward to and or wait and see. We're in beta here people quit acting like its out and lets do the job we were either given for free (yay me) or paid for with founders packs (glad to have more people with us).

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    Re: Introducing Amplifier Sets

    These will come in handy, and hey if you like to play the game you're going to be grinding anyhow. It will give an edge in the match if you know what you're doing, and which ones to use. I see some of you complaining that you don't want the match to be decided because of some ones amplifiers. This won't happen, it will change the game play early game, but most of the time come late game every ones equal anyhow. Those with amplifiers will have a small advantage depending on weather they took late game amplifiers or early game amplifiers. It's just going to revolve around how you play the match yourself. They're not going to make your enemies unkillable or extremely strong, just help them early game that's all. If they pick late game amplifiers, get ahead and those won't mean much of anything come team fights mid to late game.

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    Re: Introducing Amplifier Sets

    Quote Originally Posted by TLGBeast View Post
    those won't mean much of anything come team fights mid to late game.
    If they don't mean much why have them in the first place?

    So all you want is a false sense of customization? ok.....

    Sorry but I rather be learning new heroes and strategies than grinding for both champs and meaningless stones.

    Having to grind for champions (which right now the rate of merit you get for playing is just atrocious) was the first red flag, and this is the nail in the coffin. Enjoy League with a different skin which it seems most of you want any way. (Only god knows why you just want the same game re skinned).

    I say it once and I say it again, you want progression go play an mmo. jesus.

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    Re: Introducing Amplifier Sets

    Honestly i like customization. As long as i can earn enough to fully customize my guys and i dont get capped or anything im fine with it.

    I just hope there are really enough where we dont just see everyone using the same exact set up. In League of Legends everyone basically uses the same runes for each type of character. I would like more options than that.

    I hope you guys get some unique ones in there. Things that really make people feel different from each other while playing.

    The only thing im not really liking the sound of is bonuses for specific items. I like to be able to decide which item i need based off what the enemy team is building.
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    Re: Introducing Amplifier Sets

    Like I stated earlier for this to work amplifiers can't be a boost to champion power. They should be about customizing the champion to a desired play style. This will avoid much of the balancing concerns people have raised in this thread.

    Mods should allow people to avoid having to buy artifacts with a lot of boosts they don't need or want and focus on building their champion in game the way they intended. For example a player could avoid grabbing a defense artifact for the cooldown they need in their blaster build.

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    Re: Introducing Amplifier Sets

    Quote Originally Posted by 4surface View Post
    This will be potentially confusing for me
    I know this is 2 months and 10 days late, but I agree with 4surface.
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