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Thread: Low Fps issue.

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    Low Fps issue.

    Hello there.

    I just installed this game and it looks awesome, but i can't play it, because of low fps in game. Am i the only one who is facing this problem ? I even tried few solutions and it didn't help. It's just unplayable.

    My PC specs.

    P4 processor 3.4
    nvidea geforce 9800gt 512mb
    RAM 4GB

    I know, you don't need to tell me that my processor sucks, i know that by my self, but with these configurations i can still play LOL on max, Dota on Low (fluently playable fps), Downgate max, Battlefield 3 Premium edition on low (fluently playable), Crysis 2 medium, except you game.

    If you want to attract more people please optimize your game for low end pc's. Pls tell me you are gonna do this in beta phase ?

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    Re: Low Fps issue.

    The game is continuing to be optimized and the developers recently released a "min-spec" renderer which should help for low-end systems. If you recently installed the game, the game should already be taking advantage of this though. Unfortunately the specs you listed above do not meet the minimum requirements for the game. Have you tried lowering graphics settings to the minimum via the options menu?

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    Re: Low Fps issue.

    I am having the same FPS issues running an i7 processor with an NVIDIA GTX 600m Series graphics card that is updated. My NVIDIA program suggests that I optimize graphics on high, cannot remember the resolution suggestion since im at work. Any suggestions?



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