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    We need your questions!

    Hi everyone,

    The December update had a LOT of changes. We're looking forward to everyone spending the holidays playing Infinite Crisis and producing lots of lovely data for us to analyse in the new year. Which is definitely one aspect of our feedback process, but we'd also like to hear from you directly and answer some of your questions. So, for the Feature Focus program we're running on Twitch on Monday January 6th we'll be responding (where possible) to questions posted in this thread. Cardell "Annuvin" Kerr, Infinite Crisis' Creative Director will be offered up to the community gods as sacrifice, so please populate this thread with questions on your experiences with the December update.

    We realise that we always also get x1000 questions outside of the topic we're attempting to discuss, so we'll also do our best to talk about any other popular topics that are championed here.

    So please, fire away!

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    Re: We need your questions!

    "Cardell "Annuvin" Kerr, Infinite Crisis' Creative Director will be offered up to the community gods as sacrifice"


    1) Why Doomsday haven't been touched yet?
    2) Is possible to make it Rain in GH? y'know Gotham is all rainy
    3) When do we get the Full list of Actor voices for all the champions?
    4) When will a Spanish language option be available? (some people just want this)
    5) How do you decide the champion who must be next? Prime-Multiverse-prime or it depends wow ready and not so broken they are?
    6) What is the next server you guys are working on? South America? Asia? Australia? Atlantis?
    7) Some champion (for example: Zatanna, Poison ivy, Flash)have no multiverse (no yet) or at least a "splash" with them, when can we have for at least one of them?
    8) Where is superman? (just kidding)
    9) have you guys planned on doing animated shorts of the multiverse champions (like you did with the IC trailer)
    10) What makes GD different from other 3 lane maps.
    If you are having tech issues, want to report a bug, report a player, your code isn't working or got any comment or feedback.
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    Re: We need your questions!

    9) have you guys planned on doing animated shorts of the multiverse champions (like you did with the IC trailer)

    Expanding this question, do you have anything planned for the game in terms of lore? Ex: Animated shorts, more information about the crisis we are facing and our role on it, Short comics (1-2 pages) featuring the released champions, etc.

    And, any chance to get interchageable announcer voices by buying them in the store or similar? I think Dota2 has a similar option.
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    Re: We need your questions!

    Quote Originally Posted by Mrlucho View Post
    8) Where is superman? (just kidding)
    Looking forward to asking him this hundreds of times

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    Re: We need your questions!

    1) What are your plans for getting into e-sports? How are you planning on competing?
    2) Is there going to be an option in game to form a ranked team that has their own mmr to fight against other teams?
    3) Is there any way to know who all is in the general chat? there is no way thats the whole server.
    4) What kind of system is in place to discourage afk and negative behavior?
    5) whats the level cap on champion level?
    6)Does resilience have a stat cap?
    7) Are we going to have a champion release schedule or plan? (every two weeks, every third tuesday etc whatever)
    8) Are you guys hiring? If not will you be in the nearish future?

    more questions soon

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    "We need your questions" Well, here are some questions!!

    I just have a couple of questions regarding in-game functionalities.

    1) Why can't I browse the store while in a queued group?
    2) Why I can only view my amplifiers and etc through my ICON and not through the profile tab while in grouped queue?
    3) Why isn't there an indicator or sound effect for when its my turn for character select while in ranked? Its probably a good reason why people don't select and dodge queue.
    4) Why can't I view character details through my own profile? Because I have to go through the store to view all that.
    5) Will we ever be able to view other player's profiles in the future?

    More to come but these are just some little things I found out that kind of annoy me personally.

    Best regards,


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    Re: "We need your questions" Well, here are some questions!!

    I just have one question not sure if its been asked before but what happens after beta?
    Do all our accounts reset do we make new ones idk idk lol

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    Re: "We need your questions" Well, here are some questions!!

    your first question is about why u cant browse the store easily i can answer this.... click on your profile icon at the top on the right of the queue then go to the store its the only way around that.

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    Re: We need your questions!

    1) what i would really like to know is how far along do you plan to have this game by the summer, like around June. In terms of characters, maps, etc. Obviously not trying to obligate you to promise anything, however I'm just curious about ball parking it. Do you think you'll have 1 new character a month and maybe a map release, will you start releasing 2 characters a month. or perhaps even just 1 or 2 over the next 6 months. Jusssssssssttt curious .

    2) I'm curious about what makes you guys decided what to balance and why. I saw an interview that you take a bunch of different data from people playing and look at what is purchased too often(as far as items) and characters picked often but also extremely successful. What comes to mind for me is the Flash. And you guys preeeeeeettty much overkilled it imo. I just wanted to say sometimes characters are successful because people don't know how to play against it yet and something that is extremely powerful in a map where there are two lanes far apart, leading to split pushes and smaller player skirmishes won't excel on a three lane map that will have large teamfights. I dominated many games with the flash but i just as easily dealt with opponents as the flash with other characters simply because i knew what to buy and how to play around his strengths. I think i'm rambling... So i guess I just would like to hear some sort of reassuring confidence that the game will be balanced, not just a flavor of the month sort of game.(like who hasn't been nerfed yet that is just a better character than others) Because that is what league of legends is (i've spent thousands of dollars and played from the beginning, i'm aloud to hate) please don't do this to IC, i have such high hopes for this game!
    tldr; are you aiming to balance the game truly, or just use flavor of the month strategies so people buy those champs and then you'll nerf them and people feel like they're wasting their money.
    also even if it makes low level play difficult, i believe focusing on high skill level play is where you'll find balance.(I've played moba's for like 6 years)

    3) For making characters in 3's or 2's with the multiverse, I feel like you should try to make them play different roles(you kind of said this before). It's not the biggest deal however when you said you could still play batman but maybe not gaslight BM so you don't have to ranged adc. You could play Batman and be a bruiser, or be NMBM and well.. jungle and assassinate people. I think this is GENIUS! But you kind of fell short with Green Lantern imo . I love the Green Lantern but with the change of all Enforcers being Power Damage. There isn't an AD GL. This makes me very, very sad. You have a Blaster, a Tank Support, and an Enforcer.. arguably there's only two different GL roles tank or blaster but no AD!.. So badly did i want to play Hal or Guy Gardner and just beat up people with a huge fist, baseball bat,... car!. And build Attack Damage, since AD bruisers are my favourite.
    like i said. its hardly an issue but i just wanted to make a small suggestion to keep different roles as a focus, and not just roles but obvious complete item differences. It's kind of lame to buy the same things on one GL to another GL.

    4) this games AWESOME! but you should ad item rearrangement.. like in your inventory. Its so annoying having an item get locked to a hotkey based of when i purchased it.. Its annoying going in and out of keybindings every game.

    5) In terms of items I'm curious on what makes you decide what stats to throw on items and how much they cost. sometimes i find Items undervaluing, and others overvalued. In fact i find that there are many, many ways to build inefficiently based off the face the items lack enough hard stats to justify the amount of gold spent. I think the best part of the way you're doing items is that you can balance them based of when in the item tier the cost spikes. I think you should focus on this. Sometimes the early portions should be much cheaper and only completing the item gets expensive but provides a huge spike in power. And the opposite. Some items should provide enough benefit to counter a fed Blaster without spending.. like 8K gold.
    tldr; Items balance a game more so than the characters. How do you do it?

    Im done. thanks again for this awesome game. IC forever.

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    Re: We need your questions!

    1.Are you guys able to reveal to us some of the other multiverses you will be using? or are those just as confidential as the champions themselves?
    2.Will IC use couriers like Dota 2? (sorry to compare it to another moba)
    3.Will every character that makes its way into IC have multiverse versions? or will there be some where their prime versions are the only versions playable?
    4.Do you guys play the game on your spare time?



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