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    Re: Announcing the January Update!

    Quote Originally Posted by razamis View Post
    So the game went into beta in May 2013.. and this update is coming at the end of January 2014. My question.. when is this game going to be released? I don't mean to sound rude at all, but what is the hold up? Generally betas do not last nearly this long.

    My group of friends is ready to start playing this genre of game (mobas) and we thought we would get into it with infinite crisis since we all love DC universe. However, with this game taking so unreasonably long, we decided to give Dota2 a go instead.
    Dota2's beta was almost two years long IC is trying to break into the esports competitive scene, and to do so requires the game to be excellently balanced and optimized. Anything less than that will make it a subpar game on release and drastically hurt its chances at becoming successful. Trust me, I played SWTOR on release...I say let them take the time to make the game and only release it when the devs truly deem it ready.

    Quote Originally Posted by razamis View Post
    I just don't see why the game isn't released, let alone why it doesn't have bots yet?
    You also answer your question right there. The game isn't finished yet. A lot of things have still to make it into the game, namely bots.

    All that said, you can still play the game perfectly fine by getting a beta key for instant access (just search the forums on how to get one, it's easy) and tournaments sponsored by MLG and ESL have already started sprouting. Sure, none of what you do during beta will carry over into live but wth you get to play the game and help the devs make it better
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    Re: Announcing the January Update!

    <3 I love this Game <3



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