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    Re: January Closed Beta Update: Release Notes

    where do I receive the access?
    Quote Originally Posted by Dycer94 View Post
    The servers are still up. If you just registered your account, you have to receive an access for you to be able to login. If you have had all that done, try troubleshooting antivirus, firewall and other possible issues before submitting a ticket.

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    Re: January Closed Beta Update: Release Notes

    Quote Originally Posted by Inner_Voice View Post
    where do I receive the access?
    You have to apply for BETA. Everyone seems to get approved at this stage. It's in your account main panel.
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    Re: January Closed Beta Update: Release Notes

    oigan como soluciono un problema que tengo quiero abrir el cliente y me sale patch error 00000000x85 algo asi y no puedo jugar alguien me puede ayudar para solucionarlo

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    Re: January Closed Beta Update: Release Notes

    darylpro, intenta iniciar como administrador con el click derecho, en mi caso funciona, es la unica manera de entrar



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