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    patching failed Error 0x80004005

    Hey guys i have a little problem when i want to enter to the game
    that crash me or tell me i have a one problem patching failed Error 0x80004005
    plz can someone give me some help?

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    Re: Problem

    Have you checked the Tech Support forums or called support?

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    Re: Problem

    Got the same problem, then i´ve started the game as admin and it works again. Maybe it helps!

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    Re: Problem

    nope ^^^ didnt work .. i get the same problem before i can even start too @yaghami

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    Exclamation Patching Failed Error 0x80043005

    Patching Failed Error 0x80043005

    LOL before someone tells me to run as admin .. i've done so
    how do i fix this, i can play smite on my computer so its not like i cant handle this game
    i've noticed other people hav'n this problem too .. is there a way to fix this
    or am i just gunna have to never play =[

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    Re: Patching Failed Error 0x80043005

    Are you guys new installs, or are you patching up from a prior version?
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    Re: Patching Failed Error 0x80043005

    Hi, I also am getting the same problem and I am just patching up from a prior version. Also I have been getting logged out due to an error in not retrieving my account.

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    Re: Patching Failed Error 0x80043005

    Same error here and I've just patched.

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    Re: Patching Failed Error 0x80043005

    Quote Originally Posted by Celestrata View Post
    Are you guys new installs, or are you patching up from a prior version?
    just got access to download today .. and soon as i started it i got hit with that error .. heeelppp lol

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    Re: Patching Failed Error 0x80043005

    yeah i just googled for like 1 hour on how to fix this problem .. i downloaded things that didnt help and i searched and searched ..
    i hit tech support as well .. so i really hope u guys can help



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