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    Re: Patching failed. error 0x80004005

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    Re: Problem

    Quote Originally Posted by Doom996 View Post
    Got the same problem, then i´ve started the game as admin and it works again. Maybe it helps!
    yea it works!!!!!!!!!!1
    REALLYZ!!!!!!!!! IM SO SURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: Problem

    Patching failed. error: 0x80043005

    If you are receiving this message:

    1. Go to control panel

    2. Go to internet options

    3. Go to connections tab

    4. Click on LAN settings

    5. Uncheck "use a proxy for LAN"
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    Re: Problem

    I got this problem emailed turbine and nothing is working to fix it.

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    Re: Patching failed. error 0x80004005

    Quote Originally Posted by AhSwuhPwn View Post
    ^^ is the error u are getting .. this must be how u can run as admin to fix
    but im faced with this code error
    i get this error 0x80043012

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    Re: Patching Failed Error 0x80043005

    выдает ошибку 0x80043005 что делать надо

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    Re: I have a problem.

    Whenever i start the game under administrator it says patching recovery Error. 0x80043005. I reinstalled mroe than 2 times and it didnt work. I hope you ic's can fix this issue soon cause its sad not being able to play.



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