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    Unable to access account information?

    Anyone else getting this error where you try to login but instead of getting all 3 checks you only get 1. It then sends you back to the login screen with an error that says:

    Connection Error

    "You've been disconnected from the server. Reason: General error accessing your account information."

    I only started getting today after the January patch and I was able to login and play just fine yesterday. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: Unable to access account information?

    I'm getting the same thing, just started today.

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    Re: Unable to access account information?

    They phucked something up in the update.
    We'll have to wait.
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    Re: Unable to access account information?

    The team is looking into this and has a lead. But, we have no ETA on when it will be fixed just yet.

    EDIT: I had this error on my own account, but I tried logging in a few times and it eventually let me in. You may want to try doing that as a temporary work around.
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    Re: Unable to access account information?

    Im also having this problem too, I'm not entirely certain that the patching error is gone for me but it comes back from time to time. But whenever I log in, I get the same message about the missing account. Please fix it soon, thanks Celestrata.

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    Re: Unable to access account information?

    Oddly enough I redownloaded and installed Infinite and that seemed to have fixed the problem. Not sure if that's a 'fix' for it but it at least allowed me to log in and play.

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    Re: Unable to access account information?

    I'm also getting this error. I can't get past the login screen with Superman, I've already tried logging in more than 20 times. As suggested by Zilvake, I uninstalled the game completely, re-downloaded it and installed, and I'm still getting the same "Unable to access account information error." I had just purchased the Basic Founder's Pack and I've already applied the code to my account.

    This is really frustrating, specially after just spending real money on the game. Any help would be appreciated.



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