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    Re: Infinite Crisis Player Guideline: Help Create a Positive Play Environment!

    Well said. Sorry you had such bad experiences. Friend me on the game and we can play for fun.
    Ever dance with the Devil in the pale moon light?

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    Re: Infinite Crisis Player Guideline: Help Create a Positive Play Environment!

    GG Turbine. Report system doesn't seem to be doing it's job, and your taking no other actions to try and curb the growing toxicity. Trolls know they eventually get busted by Riot in LoL. After getting banned a few times they get sick of making alt accounts and correct their behavior. But here, OMFG. During peak play hours the sheer volume of trolls is overwhelming. People afking, quiting, feeding, and now intentionally throwing the games as fast as possible because they believe they will be able to earn more merit if they can squeeze out 5-6 games in an hour. It went from the occassional troll intentionally screwing over his/her team, to now groups of 2-3 are teaming up and group queueing so there is no chance for their team to try and combat the toxicity they infused into the match.

    I've played LoL for almost 5 years, and i have only put up with the downwards spiral the community is in, because I have seen changes occur. However I can tell you this much, for this game being recently launched, and almost no form of actual punishment going on, it will not last. Turbine needs to set some examples, to let the toxic players know that they will not stand for it. After all this game is still partially in beta, and all the toxicity is doing is corrupting data (AKA they are trying to kill your project for their own amusement).

    To the trolls and toxic players I have 1 question for you... Which type of sports match do you enjoy more, or better yet which type of games have you noticed get the most praise/coverage? One where both teams put out great effort and it ends up being a close game, or One where it's a blow out because one of the teams decided they didn't feel like playing, but showed up anyway? Also how do you think society handles those that cheat/throw games? cause I my self have never seen them throw a celebration for a player who intentionally threw a game...

    When you troll your team, you are not only making the game less fun for them, but less fun for the opponents and anyone spectating. Also unless you break that bad habit, expect to live a harsh life full of nothing but disappointment and neglect.

    as somebody previously stated:
    You are supposed to play games to have fun. So have fun when you play and do not take it too seriously.
    Yes and no. I try to have fun in Moba's and try to win/do my best. Yet trolls ruin it because for them its fun to annoy and aggravate people. Trolls are the people that only receive attention at home, when they do something bad. So they are brought up thinking the only way to be noticed is to act like a jerk. They get satisfaction from denying others satisfaction and fun. In games like this playing = teamwork and competition. So if you refuse to work with your team, you aren't playing. If you refuse to compete you aren't playing. Do that in any real life sport and your coach will yank you off the field and possibly even have you kicked off the team or out of the league (and that is the least of your worries). Toxic behavior in games like this reflect your interactions with society. So continuing to be toxic will eventually equal society turning its back on you or much worse.


    And that's all I've got to say about that....
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    Re: Infinite Crisis Player Guideline: Help Create a Positive Play Environment!

    Does the report function even work? I highly doubt it.

    The fact that you can report a person multiple times in one sitting is an evidence of this.

    No confirmation, no message, nothing at all indicates the report even went through. If you guys are going to implement a report function, at least make it work. It's embarrassing, and frankly, insulting to implement a function that does not work and claim that it does. I know the game is still in beta, but why not refrain from putting it there in the first place if it doesn't work?

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    Re: Infinite Crisis Player Guideline: Help Create a Positive Play Environment!

    i just cant get it i played with a mech supreman and we was winning easily then he decide that gaslight catwoman is noob so he got afk and we lose i report him and ignore him then the next game i found him again in my team laughing at us so i cant take it and dodge the game then i am banned for dodging the game
    i am not complaining or something i just want to be not teamed with player like him i dont want to play wiht ppl i ignore or report could that happen plz



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