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    Re: Underused Jungle

    I don`t agree to the poster at all. While the jungler is substantially harder that in other MOBA`s, it`s perfectly doable by the jungler champions. Here`s my strategy

    1. Get Marauder`s Shield and Knife/ring (depending on your champion) and potions (lvl 3 health if your champions doesn`t use will, lvl 2 health/will if it does. You can get -100 credit Marauder`s Knife/Ring to get lvl 3 health/will pots. It helps a lot)
    2. Get Nightmare Batman`s Consume and The Joker`s Detonate.
    3. Start at health drone and burn Detonate on him. Do the other 2 weakest camps.
    4. You should have now about 470-500 credits, depending on your champion clear time. Wait on the first mid tower to upgrade Knife or Ring or Shield.
    5. Go to the other 2 weak camps at the other side of your jungle.
    6. Decide if you should gank, do speed drone or go B.

    Either way, this path has got me at the same lvl/credit as my other teammates, and the enemy jungler. I usually have enough health to gank as soon as I hit lvl 3 (depending on my champion).

    I am kind of new to the game, but I`ve been jungling in other MOBA`s for a long time. I plan to post champion especifics guides on youtube as soon as I get a better internet here and as I`ve studied the jungle a bit

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    Re: Underused Jungle

    Now with yet another Jungle nerf in the early game, it is easier than what is described here. But it does seem weird that the teams you find either never wanted to jungle, or everyone on the team wanted the role.

    Personally this is my gameplan now with the changes: Take 2 T1 marauder items, and 3 health pots (Will regen can be addressed with a Doctor Destiny's Dreamstone a little later in the jungle). I clear the speed destroyer first (with a leash), then the 2 smaller camps on my side of the jungle. I burn Detonate on the maulers if I need to, but most times I can make it. I then also take the camp on the opposite side of the middle lane. Then I get T2 sheild/knife/ring depending on who I have, burn the other item, and start investing in Hawkeye's harness (refundable) unless I need Dreamstone for will. By returning Hawkeye's harness when full, I get some late game items very early on without starving myself by holding onto coins. For assassins, use their damage refundable if you are fine with health.

    I then just going around killing stuff, but don't like throwing "all out" ganks until I have my Ult up. I will start "warding ganks" at 3 just to help keep lanes under control if needed, and I am in the area. If both specifications are not met, you will lose a lot of time on nothing.

    Unless I am having an off game, or testing out a new build idea (not focusing on counter building), I end up with less than 5 deaths even in some the worst matches. The game I played last night in the Jungle on GD was 6/3/18 with Atom Ivy jungling.
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