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    Re: How open is the dev team to maps suggestions?

    I read your first book to give you the benefit of the doubt.... I only made it past the second line before I decided it was TLDR on your second novel.....

    You keep comparing this to an MMO which is insane because the dynamics of that genre are vastly different then this one.

    Additionally you keep comparing the maps to LoL maps because those were original.....I think not. Every game takes something from other games. LoL wasn't the first MoBa.... Sure its popular but that doesn't mean that there isn't room to grow.

    Finally, I conceded that I saw where you were coming from... I understand your point of view... I just don't agree with it whole heartedly.

    Again, I didn't read your second novel.... sorry. Hope my responses clarified anything you addressed.

    I know some people do not read up or watch videos on this game when they come out but Angry Joe just did a really good interview with Cardelll Kerr.
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    Re: How open is the dev team to maps suggestions?

    i'm comparing only the dominion map from lol as the "original", as if i'm not mistaken that's where it showed first.
    I didn't even mentioned summoner rift once, to blame me for saying it is the original. i'm not saying it is. i know it wasnt. but it's probably the most played currently.

    Note: LoL may have pull it off with this map, although it was just a bit different from the DotA's map. but the real reason is the map was still young (although even DotA's map was based on a map of starcraft). it was still not so vastly played, so people were interested. it have passed 10 years from that time. it is time for something new, players will not switch games (in huge numbers) for small reasons.

    as for the MMO part, i don't think you are right. because i'm talking about people interest, not the dynamic of the game, or the games themselves. this is general. if you have favorite restaurant, and new one opens up, will you go there, where you don't know a thing about the menu, the people working there and so on... just because they have better carpets on the floor? or go to your favorite restaurant where even the staff knows you, you know everything about the menu, and so on... yes, you will go to the new one, try it once or twice. if you see that they don't offer much better food and service, but just the carpets on the floor, you will return to your favorite restaurant.

    that's what i felt here. although i like DC, the game felt the same as LoL. I played a couple of matches, find myself a bit lost between all the items, and decided to return to lol (although I haven't been playing LoL for months) just so I can play the same thing but more familiar...
    yes I returned to IC again, but not because in the long run I think it is better, but because I want to give it a chance.

    And yes, i watched the video of Angry Joe, Actually it was the reason I decided to talk about this in the forum, as the developers seems to be great guys, and looks like they want to make the game great.

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    Re: How open is the dev team to maps suggestions?

    I diagnosed this ripoff problem while thinking on my other feedback topic:

    Its sad to me that they did not implemented even the road-map. They are probably clueless why the community is high rotative.

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    Re: How open is the dev team to maps suggestions?

    Metropolis map!



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