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    DEVS in games with players! outlaw it

    i understand these guys want to play the game and i understand the stand point that u can learn from them but on that same note devs should not be allowed to play in a game with normal players they need to play in their own games with their own ppl its just like u dont put a pro plat player in a game with a bronze player and expect the game to a fair outcome for both teams. this is not beneficial for every1.

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    Re: DEVS in games with players! outlaw it

    On the flip side - a lot of people would be ecstatic to be able to play with the people who created the game!

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    Re: DEVS in games with players! outlaw it

    I always enjoy playing with and against the devs. They're good people and players.

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    Re: DEVS in games with players! outlaw it

    The Turbine team is fun to play with and against. They majority of them are good players, but they are not overwhelming. You must be very new to the game.

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    Re: DEVS in games with players! outlaw it

    They are super fun to play against and none of them are godlike. You are overestimating their power. I also LOVE playing against developers. Yes, while they help develop the game it gives them some knowledge, most of them are so busy developing they are less than pro when playing. On top of that, they make things for us and then we use skills differently than they expected and it makes us learn counters. I am for developers playing regular matches with us.

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    Re: DEVS in games with players! outlaw it

    i c and understand ur point i just feel that the devs vs players days should be enough

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    Re: DEVS in games with players! outlaw it

    Welcome to Infinite Crisis, where the Devs are also normal players.
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    Re: DEVS in games with players! outlaw it

    Turbine has the most invested Community team I've seen in a long time. They are very human and spend a lot of time with the players. Be it via the streams, twitter or the forums, they are always there, answering questions. I personally love playing with or against devs. Besides, wouldn't you be more worried if the people that create the game wouldn't play it

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    Re: DEVS in games with players! outlaw it

    But... but... I love playing both with and against you...

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    Re: DEVS in games with players! outlaw it

    I think you're overestimating game developers. Game devs aren't magically better than any other player because they made the map. That being said, the Turbine guys are pretty solid.



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