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    Then suddenly, lag.

    Oh god, I was doing fine up til today but then suddenly bam! lag out the wazoo. I wouldn't think it had to do with more players on the server because of the way these work but I can't think of what else it would be.

    Needless to say lag depresses me because it makes me look worse than I am, and I'm already pretty terrible.

    Anyone else suddenly getting lag today or is it just my luck?

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    Re: Then suddenly, lag.

    i noticed this too. been mostly fine before but i tried playing a few matches today and every single one i lagged in. i even closed everything that might take up internet and no one else was at my house and nothing helped

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    Re: Then suddenly, lag.

    I have been given the impression by those playing with me that it's a fairly widespread problem. Someone even accused my entire team of hacking because he was lagging so bad he couldn't leave base.

    It's lagged so bad at one point that it actually kicked me out of the game completely and shut the client down. I assume it's server side or client side but who knows?

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    Re: Then suddenly, lag.

    Yeah I had a friend of mine who just started playing tell me that he had lag for four games in a row, and he can run games like DOTA2 and Planetside 2 just fine.
    And in all those games there was at least two other people that were semi-afk due to lag, and other people that never connected.

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    Re: Then suddenly, lag.

    Seems Lag and jumping bug is still happening.I want this to be back to normal. DEVS HELP!!!

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    Re: Then suddenly, lag.

    I had horrible lag in a few matches today. Is it a bug or something?
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    Re: Then suddenly, lag.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nariman View Post
    Seems Lag and jumping bug is still happening.I want this to be back to normal. DEVS HELP!!!
    Indeed, they never left. Yesterday it was lag spikes over and over again.
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    Re: Then suddenly, lag.

    it happened to me yesterday, not only me, but all my team and enemy team too. it was so hilarious to see ten superheroes walking in circles for two minutes XD

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    Re: Then suddenly, lag.

    We made no changes to the servers yesterday that would have caused this to start happening again, but I will report it to the team so they can check to see if anything odd occurred.

    Thanks for the reports.
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