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    Re: This mode way to easy to lose in

    for this game mode just dont take it seriously , when u solo que is bound to be snowball left or right , lucky if u have a team that knows what they are doing if not just play it like any game simply for the merits, at the end of the day is not like you got nothing

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    Re: This mode way to easy to lose in

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    Re: This mode way to easy to lose in

    The timing or not sure how to say it .... but the time from the starting "gun" to the time of the first Orbital Cannon .... you could easily be down 100 - 150 pts which really can be insurmountable if the other team has gotten a few kills during this time .... let alone if they capture the top and then get the first cannon

    I think either the ticks need to be slower or perhaps the first cannon should be close to the launch/start of the game ?

    any thoughts ?>



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