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Thread: Catwoman

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    I thought this before the free weekend, but Mother of God...Playing against her every match now thus far just brings it to the front how overpowered this hero is. Why even bother making her melee when her Q is essentially a ranged attack on a 3 second CD? Less if she has CDR. Additionally her E lasts longer than the CD on it, which boggles the mind. Her ult resets her E and puts it on a 2 second CD. Then with Lobo's chain she can infinitely kite any and every melee hero in the game, because her Q applies on-hit effects, again lending the question as to why she is even melee?

    Her non-ult E cooldown needs to be increased at the very least. In MOBA games the single most powerful thing is mobility. Anti-Mage is one of the most solid hard carries in DotA 2 because of his blink. Lee Sin is a common ban or pick in competitive play in League of Legends because of his insane utility and again mobility.

    If not her non-ult E cooldown, then make it so slows are the only things not applicable to her Q. She already has her W for slow(which also doubles up as a knockdown after E). Something needs to be done to tone down this hero being so untouchable by melee heroes.

    What's funny is that not even The Flash, a hero built around speed and chase down, can chase a Catwoman. In one of my games I watched as a compLexity member as Flash tried chasing down a Catwoman only to get kited, poked down, and then have the chase reversed and killed by the random Catwoman player. It was silly.

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    Re: Catwoman

    Wait until you get hit by a Q that deals 1067 dmg (If it happens again I will take a pic) both of us had the same level and I was Nightmare Batman with 14XX max hp, which means that one hit took 3/4 of my hp or more.

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    Re: Catwoman

    Quote Originally Posted by TeaSeeOh View Post
    Anti-Mage is one of the most solid hard carries in DotA 2 because of his blink.
    But that's not really true, in DotA2 there's so many ways to deal with it.

    On topic though, I like her playstyle, that she can snowball hard, and if she doesn't she have her Passive.

    However I agree, she scales way too HARD for having such an Snowball playstyle.

    I'd say, lower her scalings and let her Base stay.
    Also nerf the Cooldown of that E, it's simply too much for a game where Mobility is hard to obtain.

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    Re: Catwoman

    I thought her rank 4, level 19 CD on her Q was 1.5 seconds?

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    Re: Catwoman

    Ok, you can outplay thendamsgr with armor, and outplay the armor with attk penetration, but how do you outplay the crit? I was against another cw, when i was cw ofc.... and i took away 75% of her health, and it took me just seconds to q her agains and kill her.
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    Re: Catwoman

    Well she's insanely fragile and if you get caught by a champ like doomsday you can easily take 70% of your health in an instant. If you can catch a catwoman prime, you can probably kill her with a good bruiser.

    imo Overall though: If you really pay attention and use her kit to the fullest, NOTHING can catch you. Not only that, but the outplay potential with her is like pre-nerf Zed from League of legends (only you can't every ability in the game). Anyone who's watched Faker play zed knows what I'm talking about.

    I really believe she's the strongest blaster in the game. Nothing else comes close. Her kit should not exist. It's so much fun to play, but, my god is it horrible to play against. The mobility, the fact that her Q is basically a super Autoattack with its CD. Her kit is just SO GOOD. I don't think that kit can be balanced. she needs a rework.

    TLDR: Needs a rework. Her kit is possibly the best in the game in terms of raw damage, survivability, and versatility.

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    Re: Catwoman

    This is neither here nor there, but...

    Quote Originally Posted by Miraql View Post
    But that's not really true, in DotA2 there's so many ways to deal with it.
    Whether or not it's easy or there are numerous ways to deal with said blink is irrelevant. My point was, the reason such a hero is a solid pick is his mobility in his blink. It allows him ridiculous chase down, relative safety from a good majority of the cast, and has a low CD: sound at all like Catwoman?

    I don't think the character needs a complete overhaul or needs damage nerfs, like some have said here. I just think her E needs a cooldown increase, especially the non-ult version, or her Q shouldn't apply slows from Lobo's Chain. The other problem with stating that if a character like Doomsday catches her lies in the statement itself. If he catches her. Even then, Doomsday can't kill you unless you were already low enough, so you'll likely get away anyway.

    Her E is similar to Vayne's Tumble from League of Legends. However, Vayne lacks reliable CC and a slow, Tumble doesn't cover as large a distance, and she has very short ranged auto-attacks. On the flip side, Catwoman's Q outranges most character's gap closers, and Acrobat moves her what seems to be nearly double the distance.
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    Re: Catwoman

    I love Catwoman prime, the devs did an amazing job on her kit but imho, the range on her q needs to be nerfed. That's coming from a Catwoman main. It was fun at first but now it's just sad how easy it is to win lane, snowball, and winning nearly every game of GH. (Especially with this wave of newbies and a lack of real matchmaking.)
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    Re: Catwoman

    Her Q needs longer cooldown, and stop applying on hit effects.

    It resembles Gangplancks Q, but at least GP has a higher mana cost for the skill, for what I have seen CW doesnt really have mana issues.

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    Re: Catwoman

    Catwoman requires the most skill to use effectively in Infinite Crisis; she's a fragile glass cannon, meant to apply hit-and-run tactics without engaging in direct melee with Batman or Doomsday. Any character that uses Catwoman well will tell you that you have to be very careful in using her, because she dies rather easily. So put simply: she's fine the way she is, nothing needs to be nerfed.
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