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    Angry I can't finish download Laucher from site

    Hello i have some small ( big ) problem with downloading your Laucher from here :

    I don't speak in english good enough but i will try to explain everythink so good how i only can, so...

    First i create account, my account is ready, i log-in, i click 'Download' from site UP and this Client has start downloading... Everythink is cool to this one moment, when i have amost complete download and BAM! Then my problem already start - NOT COMPLETE DOWNLOAD. Amost 100 % and downloading has stopped, just like that. I will give you Print'n'Screen from my Chrome Download Manager :

    I change my browser on Firefox but they're this same problem what in Chrome... I really don't know what i can do with that...

    OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit
    Internet: Livebox, Cable, 10mb/s

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    Re: I can't finish download Laucher from site

    I had the same problem. Try downloading from the non https link, and if that doesn't work you could try a download manager.

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    Re: I can't finish download Laucher from site

    Ok problem solved by... himself i guess, couse couple hours later i try download this Laucher again, and... BAM! Complete!

    I guess this was some bug from the server Solved - topic can be close )



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