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Thread: Lag Over 9000 !

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    Thumbs up Lag Over 9000 !

    My computer never Had problem playing game. I've been playing this game from the start of the closed beta and never experienced that lag before. What happening ? Its was so slow my hero were teleporting around the map as I walked to go somewhere. Also got disconnected and I can't get back into the game. I Have a pretty good match Win/Lose ratio But if I lose this one it wont be fun . Can someone Pls Repair the server ?

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    Re: Lag Over 9000 !

    funny my scouter isnt reisterin 9000
    Yes..over NINE THOUSAND!!

    also..Consider Ham as an option.

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    Re: Lag Over 9000 !

    bump with same issue ... the game is completely unplayable at the moment.

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    Re: Lag Over 9000 !

    Same here, character warping, lagged responses and when i try to reconnect it seems the entire game is trying to catch up



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