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    Character lost on the game map...


    Been playing fine this week, then I got Robin and tried him out in Gotham Divided and near the end of the match my character started "Skipping".

    I would right click to move, he would move three inches, then it would skip back to where i was before I moved. If i keep trying to move through the skip, he does weird things like run through the floor, through walls, in areas you can't normal run as if lost on the map / game world.

    I qued for my next match with robin and same thing happed but this time at the start of the match.

    Then I tried to "Repair the client", reboot my computer, and now It does this all the time...

    Is there a fix for this issue? Like it is, basicly unplayable...

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    Re: Character lost on the game map...

    Thread about this started here:

    Acknowledged as a known issue earlier today. They are investigating with their ISP.

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    Re: Character lost on the game map...


    Just had the same problem with Poison Ivy on Gotham Divided. Started running through walls and off the map. Could still access shop screen and level skills but that was about it.

    Hopefully they can sort the issue soon.



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